Double Name: Meister Zurich

I always considered double signed dials very fascinating and mysterious. I remember when, 15 years ago, I found the first Omega with “Meister” print on the dial and I didn't know what it was. It was enough for me to do a bit of research and find it as the historic dealer in Zurich.
This has been confirmed also by the Omega Archives which have invoices of all the watches sent to the boutique on Bahnhofstrasse, 33.

Basically I was able to observe 3 different type font.

The very first MK1 silver print observed on references 105.003-65 105.012-65 and -66, the second very similar to the first but with white paint observed on references 105.012-66 and 145.012-67 and the latest MK3 with a slimmer, less serif font observed on references 145.012-67 and -68 up to the 861 caliber model 145.022-68 and -69.

Some special “Racing” dials were also delivered and customized for the boutique, two well-known black racing ref.145012-67, one auctioned at @sothebyswatches that belonged to the pilot and instructor Henk de Vries who purchased it directly in the Meister boutique in Zurich in 1969 and the second one published in the book by @andrea_foffi . And only one known 145.022-69 racing gray also published in the Andrea’s book.

the old sign, today replaced by a new one.