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Sunburst / Soleil Grey Bluish Long Index Dial

Omega Speedmaster 
ref. 105.003-65 
cal. 321 
bracelet 7912 end link 6 
s.n. 24mil
delivered to the UK in 1966
Special Sunburst / Soleil Blue dial LONG INDEX 
I would like to share an amazing story of how I found this blue Speedmaster from the son of the original owner who contacted me through my website and was keen on having more information on his watch. Once we got talking it was evident that he was interested in selling and so we agreed to meet in the UK. I left for London Heathrow where Tim picked me up and we went to fetch the watch. We had an amazing full English breakfast talking about Speedmaster and the story of his dad's watch. I left the UK with a lovely memory and this special piece. Here linked is the initial letter in which he told me the story of the watch. I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this superb example of an original owner blue dial with full documentation and pictures of Tim's father wearing it! I want to thank him again for the trust in reaching out to me and for giving me this amazing opportunity to own this watch.