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145.022-69 Racing Orange/Red

Omega Speedmaster Racing 3rd Type Orange/Red  

ref. 145022-69 
cal. 861  
s.n. batch  
bracelet 1039 / 516  
150 pieces delivered to Switzerland in May and June 1970. 
Omega Speedmaster Racing, also known as the Exotic Speedy, reference 145.022-69 with caliber 861, easily noticeable from its unique chromatic scheme, one that significantly differentiates itself from the all-black nature of previous models.
The second generation, however, has a different, more modern dial layout, with a grey colored dial and orange printed indices and Omega (Ω) logo. The central chronograph hand is of the same orange color whilst the correct hour-minute handset remains white. Though many handset configurations have been observed on this model, the following configuration (PIC) can be considered the most correct:

Furthermore, all the orange details of the watch are prone to UV stimuli, reflecting vividly under blue light, unlike in previous generations (Black Racing 1st gen. and Ultraman) where handset and other details did not reflect under UV light.

Up to date, one official small production batch has been identified of about 150 examples destined for the swiss market around the 26’609’xxx serial, delivered between May and June 1970.

The look of the watch allows us to relive the fast-paced energy of the era, an era of continuous and significant innovation both in terms of design and technology, an era of breaking records and setting trends, bearing in mind that the Speedmaster was born in 1957 as a means to measure time and speed for the evolving world of racing.

Used in the most extreme missions, side by side accompanying human through the test of our limits, today wearing this timepiece allows use to perceive the essence of great men that have made history, feeling the adrenaline rush from our wrist to our hearts, making us ever more passionate about the stories that make a difference, full of emotions and details that make us relive, step by step, the journey of this iconic watch.