• 1970 Virgin Island -69 Tropical + Telemeter

    Omega Speedmaster Professional tropical brown dial ref. 145.022-69 cal. 861 s.n. 28.4mil bracelet 1039 / 516 telemeter 1KM bezel Holding this special piece in hand makes me wonder how many hours in the sunlight this Speedy must have seen since…

  • 1970 US AIR FORCE Tropical

    The ultimate goal is to have a passion that you can fully embody in your life... to contextualize an object by imagining how it was used.A fantastic U.S. Air Force M-65 Field Jacket, 1974-5 Wrist Calendars and 1970 Speedmaster ref.…

  • -63 Silvered Light Grey dial

    One of a Kind ! The incredible feeling when you find a watch that makes you skip a heart beat! Many years into studying these dials, I am extremely pleased to showcase this fantastic Omega Speedmaster 105.003-63 with a superb…

  • Tropical 105.012-65

    Omega Speedmaster Professional ref. 105.012-65cal. 321s.n. 24milbracelet 1039/516Milk chocolate dial faded from black to brown, typical nuance of this reference.

  • 145.022-69 Racing Orange/Red

    Omega Speedmaster Racing 3rd Type Orange/Red ref. 145022-69 cal. 861 s.n. batch 29.609.xxx bracelet 1039 / 516 150 pieces delivered to Switzerland in May and June 1970. Omega Speedmaster Racing, also known as the Exotic Speedy, reference 145.022-69 with caliber…

  • 220 Bezel 145.022-69

    Omega Speedmaster Professional Pre-Moon ref. 145.022-69 cal. 861 s.n. 30.9mil bracelet 1030 end link 516 (4-70) Delivered 25th November 1970 to Saudi Arabia Misprint Bezel "220"

  • 1968 US Army 145.012-67

    US Army (European Exchange System) Omega Speedmaster Professional ref. 145.012-67  cal. 321  s.n. 25 mil bracelet 1039/516year 1968

  • 1987 Blue Hesalite

    Omega Speedmaster Professional ref. 145.022 CSR cal. 861 bracelet 1450 / 808 year 1987 delivered to Italy sold 1989 in Lucca particular glass observed on few Omega of this period