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The Blue Hesalite [Part II]

Once is a chance. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a pattern.

Happy to have found yet another example 145.022 CRS with intensely blue hesalite crystal – the second in the 48.2mill serial batch from 1987.

(Click here to see the other example) 👇🏻

A while back I had also observed a Holy Grail ref. 376.0822 and a two-tone (steel/gold) 500 piece limited edition ref. DA 145022 both featuring the same Blue colored hesalite crystal … and both from 1987.

As correct for this production period, the crystal is not signed in the middle.

At this point I am quite confident to say there is enough evidence to support a production defect with a particularly pleasant effect.

Always happy to share my research with fellow speedy lovers.