• Chocolate Dials

    It has happened to everyone to experience discoloration and wear on everyday items. There are times in which this color change adds charm to an item, for example, a well-faded pair of jeans.When it comes to watch dials, we often…

  • Rhodesian Air Force

    Let’s open a new chapter, a chapter about watches that tell us more than just time, but their journey speaks a thousand stories… The Rhodesian Air Force (RhAF) was a military air force base with HQ in Salisbury (modern Harare)…

  • 220 Bezel 145.022-69

    Omega Speedmaster Professional Pre-Moon ref. 145.022-69 cal. 861 s.n. 30.9mil bracelet 1030 end link 516 (4-70) Delivered 25th November 1970 to Saudi Arabia Misprint Bezel "220"

  • 1968 US Army 145.012-67

    US Army (European Exchange System) Omega Speedmaster Professional ref. 145.012-67  cal. 321  s.n. 25 mil bracelet 1039/516year 1968