• 105.003-63 Asymmetrical T

    Omega Speedmaster ref. 105.003-63 cal. 321 s.n 20.5 Forstner Komfit bracelet According to the Omega Archive it was delivered to Mexico in 1964 Asymmetrical T: with the introduction of a Swiss legislation on luminous material, these dials originally 'Swiss Made'-only…

  • 321… Racing

    It is the cool and well designed nature of these Omega that gets me enthusiastic every time. The continuos evolution and experimentation of design that give the watch a professional and racing tone, in an era of technological innovation and…

  • Early 2998 Tropical

    Omega Speedmaster “Tropical + Lollipop”ref 2998-3cal 321sn 17.7bracelet 7077 end link 6 (’60)year 1960

  • Apollo XI 1969

    Omega Speedmaster Profession “Straight Writing” Apollo 11 ref. 145022-69 cal. 861 s.n. 31.6milon bracelet 116 end link 575Delivered to Japan in 1971 Background LUNAR Sample Return bag from #APOLLXI sold at Sotheby’s at 1.8M on 2017

  • Straight Writing

    Omega Speedmaster Professionalref. 145022-69cal 861s.n. 32.2milbracelet 1039/516Accompanied by Omega Extract from the Archives confirming sale of the present watch to USA and production on 1973

  • Full Set 1978 AAFES Army & Air Force Exchange Service

    Omega Speedmaster Professionaref. 145.022-76cal. 861 s.n. 39.9mil bracelet 1171 / 633year 1978 sold in the 13th July 1980 to AAFES - Army & Air Force Exchange Service Base (price USD 235,00)Full Set with Tag, Booklet, Warranty, Shop Receipt, AAFES Customer’s…

  • 1968 US Army 145.012-67

    US Army (European Exchange System) Omega Speedmaster Professional ref. 145.012-67  cal. 321  s.n. 25 mil bracelet 1039/516year 1968